From the Rectors Office

You are welcome to Agape Bible College. Agape Bible College is the training arm of Supernatural Love Ministries.

Last year the president decided to reawaken Agape Bible College, he appointed me as the Rector. His instructions were very clear; to have a school that is academically excellent, theologically and spiritually balance. A college that does not only train pastors but lay people also.

The president desires that the school should teach both spiritually biblical principles and some courses that will help the students to be useful in the society.

It is our desire to have believers in Supernatural Love Ministries who are heavenly conscious and earthly useful. We want people who will impart and impact this generation positively. Through Agape Bible College, this is possible.

In order to make this dream a reality, we decided to start with a certificate program. Since we want everyone in the ministry to participate in this program, we created Three Campuses for effective coverage. One campus for Abuja Diocese and two campuses in Yola Diocese.

These centers are Jos which is the campus for Abuja Diocese then Yola and Jalingo for Yola Diocese.


The registration process involves the purchase of forms at a non refundable fee payable to the campus you intend to have your lectures. after which you will be given admission if found qualified.
After the admission process is completed, lectures begins on varius courses. The Courses include
  1. Health and Ethics
  2. Ordinances
  3. Introduction to Dynamics of Faith
  4. Introduction to Spiritual Authority
  5. Introduction to Language and Communication Skills
  6. The Christian Faith
  7. Introduction to Principles of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
  8. Evangelism
  9. Introduction to Discipleship
  10. Introduction to Believers’ Authority
  11. Introduction to Stewardship
  12. Introduction to Marriage and Family
  13. Introduction to Leadership
  14. Introduction to Management and Record Keeping
All the students admitted into the programme will be examined on the courses that has been treated. Continuos assessment test and assignments also contrubute to the scoring method aside the examination.
The convocation ceremony takes place once in a year. All the graduants Nationwide will attend the ceremony which is ussually presided over by the president of the ministry, Arch-Bishop Calvin Antonza II.



# Course Title Author/Lecturer Downloads
1 Health and Ethics Agape Bible College
2 Ordinances Agape Bible College
3 Introduction to Dynamics of Faith Agape Bible College
4 Introduction to Spiritual Authority Agape Bible College
5 Introduction to Language and Communication Skills Agape Bible College
6 The Christian Faith Agape Bible College
7 Introduction to Principles of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Agape Bible College
8 Evangelism Agape Bible College
9 Introduction to Discipleship Agape Bible College
10 Introduction to Believers’ Authority Agape Bible College
11 Introduction to Stewardship Agape Bible College
12 Introduction to Marriage and Family Agape Bible College
13 Introduction to Leadership Agape Bible College
14 Introduction to Management and Record Keeping Agape Bible College